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FRIDAY, NOV. 20th  |  8:30 P.M.


Tickets available through Eventbrite.
Tickets may be purchased with cash at the box office, subject to availability. All concessions are cash only. Email
for more information. 


Pink Droyd is heading to Logansport to get an answer to the question "Is there anybody out there?" Let us hear you loud and clear as we take you on a journey through the music of Pink Floyd. Of course, this trip wouldn't be complete without a special stop at .... The Wall.


Pink Droyd, a tribute to Pink Floyd, brings the look, feel, and sound of Pink Floyd to the State Theatre, with a show that is both musically accurate and visually stunning with their robotic, intelligent light show, and digital video accompaniment (including the Pink Floyd traditional circular video screen).


Pink Droyd brings to life the music of Pink Floyd by including theatrical performances of some of Pink Floyd’s most memorable songs. Pink Droyd spans the Pink Floyd catalog including the most memorable hits and some beloved obscure tracks.


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