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You Can Help Us Save the State Theatre


We have made great headway in stopping the deterioration of the State Theatre, but we need your help to truly restore the theatre to its 1940 grandeur. Among the many plans we have:

  • Complete structural reinforcement

  • New roof, gutters, and downspouts

  • Restoration of the exterior façade, including the marquee

  • Complete restoration of the interior “house” — ceiling, proscenium, flooring, carpets, wall treatments, lighting, and new seats

  • Renovation of the front lobbies and upstairs office spaces

  • Complete electrical rewiring

  • Complete water and drain replacement

  • Significantly upgraded lighting and audio equipment

  • Addition of backstage storage and green room facilities

  • Possible expansion to the East to include large, first-floor restroom accomodations, full kitchen area for catered events, meeting space, rentable storefront space, walk-in cooler, set construction and storage area, and a new bar and concession area (which may allow the center entryway into the theatre to be restored as well).


Your donation will help us accomplish all of these plans, plus help cover the day-to-day operations of the theatre, fund the creation of educational and  promotional materials, and cover the costs of structural assessments, architectural plans, and cost projections needed before we can apply for project-specific grants.


If you would like more information on how you can help, please email us!


Thank you for your continued support!






Kevin Burkett, President & CEO

The State Theatre Preservation Society Corp.

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