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Anything is possible ... with your help!

We have put together the following renderings to give you a glimpse of what we hope to one day accomplish at the State Theatre. These are all preliminary concept drawings, and not final designs ... but they are inspiring and provide a sense of what the State Theatre could be with help from donors like you! 

The facade: Hundreds of enameled steel tiles will be removed and repaired. While the facade is bare, underlying brick will be fully restored and weatherproofed and new, modern hangers will be installed for the tiles to be reattached to.

First floor: A new single-level stage will add performance space. New trussing will support a new sound and audio system. A new concession/bar/VIP seating area will provide complete water, cold storage and sanitation service.

Sidewalls: New pillars would help to break up sound waves, making the theatre even more acoustically accurate. They would also provide routing for power, lighting and audio cables. The original sidelights would be restored, with new medallions that double as surround-sound speakers. Uplighting and area lighting would greatly increase the safety and attractiveness of the house.


These photos show just a few of the structural issues that we can address with your assistance...

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